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     After more than 25 years working the decks of many charter boats, then at the helm, Captain Anson Thomas is finally realizing his dream with the creation of New River Fleet.

     Anson grew up in the mountains of Virginia in Grayson County and from age two was a fisherman. Fishing was and always has been a family way of life. Anson honed his fishing skills as a child in the Little and New Rivers in Virginia. At age two, he ventured on his first fishing excursion with his grandfather to the banks of Little River in Baywood, Virginia. From that day, he was hooked on fishing.

     Anson’s first ocean fishing experience was in Gold Beach Oregon where he learned his commercial and recreation fishing skills from seasoned Captain John Wilson. They hand-lined salmon and white albacore tuna through the spring and summer and in the fall the ran long lines of crab traps. Wilson imparted valuable skills upon Anson, and he later carried that knowledge to the Atlantic Ocean.

     Beginning as deck mate on several boats throughout the Carolinas, Anson continued to soak up the knowledge and skills from seasoned captains. He became a certified scuba diver and has dipped his hand into the spearfishing experience. He also fished in the commercial fishing industry, a venture that taught him the useful tidbits about the Atlantic Ocean. He spent a summer in the Gulf of Mexico and fished both recreational and commercial.

     After 27 years at the helm and on the decks of other captains’ boats, Anson is finally realizing his dream and brings to the fleet a couple of boats and an ocean full of knowledge. His heart is full of love for the ocean, and he is passionate about his fishing prowess.

     Anson eats, sleeps and breathes fishing and he is excited for the opportunity to share his love and passion for fishing with the youngest and the seasoned.

     Captain Anson invites dreamers far and wide to explore and share his dream on the New River Fleet.


The Fleet

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Our Fishing Destinations

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Our Professional Crew

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Captain Anson

Seasoned with 27 years experience in the fishing world. Not afraid to leave the helm to work on the deck.


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